No one gets married expecting to get divorced. But it happens and that’s ok. Divorce does not have to be expensive or complicated. The legal system is confusing and “lawyering up” is expensive. We make divorce easier and cheaper saving you thousands of dollars. We provide you with legal and wellness support so you can cope better with your breakup. You will then be able to move forward in a positive manner with less stress.

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What is Divorce Coaching?

Mediation and Parenting Co-ordination

How a Coach can help Family Lawyers


Step One

Connect with a divorce expert

Step Two

Coaching gets you in the correct mindset

Step Three

Consult with a Mediator

Step Four

Complete the legal documents


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your relationship and using AI we will deliver a customized roadmap for you in seconds and give you the next steps. Our online systems allow you to get started anywhere, any time. We use Artificial Intelligence to give you information that is free, instant, personalized and helpful. We can also assemble your complete relationship history online, which will help you reduce costs.

Answer the questions

Your needs analysed using AI

Your personalised roadmap delivered


Mediated divorce with benefits
Work it out together for

This is an all in one solution so you can both stay out of court. Work with a mediator who will help you both resolve issues around shared parenting arrangements, child support and property division to help you both reach an agreement and then document it in Consent Orders.

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Done for you divorce or the “Covid divorce”
$3,950 or 3 installments of $1,450 over 3 months

If you and your spouse have agreed on shared care parenting arrangements, child support and division of assets and you need it documented in Consent orders we will handle EVERY step of the process and file them in court too.

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“Sever the tie”
divorce package
$ 1,100*

We will help you untie the knot and get unhitched. Making the divorce application:

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Get information from a lawyer.

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I was very satisfied with the help and professionalism of the Divorce Right team. Their patience and support made what could have been a difficult process relatively stress free.

Neil A

I found the settlement strategy session you did with me very useful and informative and I felt respected and listened to. The follow up calls and your availability when I needed you was incredible and I felt very supported. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Thank you for seeing me for a strategy session. Really, I wish I had met you 3 years ago. You at least sympathise with a broken heart.


I do have your details in our system and indeed will have much pleasure in recommending you in areas you have outlined and will be more than happy to engage you on my own behalf. Much of my working life has been spent in the service industry and I am always astounded at some of the so-called service that is dished out as common place. It is rare to find enthusiasm and efficiency combined. Your business will prosper, I have no doubt.

Michael D

Anne Marie works towards a solution and helps us find a way to move forward, she provides feedback on what will be the best outcome in the long run, she provides a personal service with a great sense of humor.

Lan W

I am happy with the service that you have provided me and I will recommend your service.Thank you again.

Annamaria P

Anne-Marie and her assistants were friendly, helpful and efficient. Many thanks to them all. I have used Anne-Marie’s services before and will certainly use them again in the future!

Jill H

I found the Divorce Right team easy to work with and helpful. They also encouraged open communication with my partner in resolving and agreeing on matters in relation to my separation.

Felix W

The team at Divorce Right helped me sort my matters out in a way that was really healing to everybody in the family, so that I could move on to the next chapter. I felt comfortable with them as they were always willing to listen.

Dave P

Thank you so much for your support and assistance and even follow up, it is so very appreciated! I am very thankful for your help.



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