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Our 6-Week Journey To Becoming Better Apart

Week 1: Introduction To The 5 Elements

In week one, I’ll teach you an essential framework for navigating divorce with as little toxicity as possible, using that I like to call “The 5 Essential Elements”.

Week 2: Patience

In week two, we’ll dive into Patience. You’ll learn to move slowly and intentionally through your divorce, let positive solutions come to light and move through your divorce with elegance and calm.

Week 3: Respect

In week 3, we’ll discuss respect – both for others and most importantly, yourself. You’ll learn how to effectively take care of your physical and emotional health, so everyone around you is inspired to do the same.

Week 4: Clarity

During week four we’ll discuss clarity, where we’ll learn how to keep a focused mind. You’ll learn how to separate wants from needs, so you can respond rather than react when matters get heated and feel overwhelming.

Week 5: Peace

Practices of peace present enriching alternatives to emotions like fear, aggression, and revenge. In week five we’ll cultivate peace, which will help keep you free of tension—in your body, your heart, and your mind.

Week 6: Forgiveness

In this module, we’ll explore the last of the five elements: forgiveness. No matter how impossible it may seem, I will teach you how to forgive, so you can truly begin to experience emotional freedom.