Breakups have a huge impact on Productivity in the Workplace

With around 46% of marriages ending in divorce it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to provide the necessary support to their staff who maybe experiencing family breakups in order to maintain office morale and productivity.

Divorce is considered the second most traumatic life event after the death of a loved one and is directly related to stress. Together with the legal and financial implications that occur after the end of the relationship, employees suffer stress and anxiety and find it hard to remain focused on their work and this can be problematic. The stress and anxiety  is amplified greatly if child access arrangements are uncertain. I provide mentoring to employees so they keep up with their workload and perform well in their professional life during what can be a traumatic time in their lives.

Divorce is detrimental to one’s personal and professional life. When going through a divorce employees:

  • frequently make mistakes
  • show signs of decreased output
  • display apathy, tiredness and ill health
  • lack concentration
  • get frustrated with other employees
  • have lower self-confidence.
  • take leave more frequently

Statistics show that anxiety disorders lead to an average of 5.5 work days of reduced productivity per month. Workers with anxiety disorders have more than 1.5 times the risk of being absent for at least 2 weeks than those without anxiety and more than double the risk of having poor work performance

The World Health Organization recently reported that an estimated 12 billion working days will be lost to untreated depression and anxiety by the year 2030, resulting in a global cost of $925 billion.

Therefore clearly, supporting programs that improve worker access to treatment for stress and anxiety makes good financial sense for individual companies as well as for the global economy.

In order to navigate the impact of divorce in the workplace, businesses must provide employees with the resources to help their staff manage the stress and the fall out of divorce,  thereby minimizing the damage to businesses.

Therapy focuses on the past and while it may be useful for the client to ascertain the cause of the problem when a client works with a Divorce Coach they are future focused and they work on strategies to help them heal faster and get over their divorce.

Businesses need to offer their employees “Divorce-Specific Programmes” to assist employees address their needs where they feel supported and are able to return to a state of balance so they can be productive again . It’s prudent to have an expert Divorce Coach on hand to provide tailored advice to your employees when they need it. This is better than having them speak to colleagues about their situation as they will have an “Objective Thinking partner to hear them out.

Divorce and Break Up coaching can help your employees cope better, heal faster and become more productive.

A coach will:

  • Work with them and help them navigate the cycle of emotions.
  • Support, motivate and guide them to manage the process.
  • Educate them on the divorce process so they are better organised.
  • Help them prepare for Mediation
  • Teach them skills on improving communication and managing conflict.
  • Help them shift perspectives and thereby modify their behaviour.
  • Motivate them so they become more self-aware and discover their best self.
  • Help them manage the stress.
  • Keep them future focused.

Coaching ensures the employees can regain their Peace of Mind when they are able to better handle their personal issues.

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