The Divorce Right difference.

  • We are pro family. The welfare of the children is of utmost importance to us and keeping families out of court is our passion.
  • We want to ensure the best outcome for your family going forward. You may no longer be husband and wife but you will always be mum and dad, so it’s important that you work together to achieve a suitable arrangement transitioning from two households to one household.
  • Divorce is more than a legal problem. It has financial and emotional implications as well. We encourage you to stay out of court and assist you to resolve issues amicably. There will be ups and downs in trying to reach an amicable solution but we will work with you to help resolve the issues.
  • You may come in for your Discovery Session confused but at the end of the meeting you will leave with a game plan and clearer idea on how to move forward. You need clear answers so you can think rationally.
  • EMOTIONAL SUPPORT MATERIAL – we will provide you with the uplifting reading material, articles and get you the support you need to make it easier for you to cope.
  • We have also established fee certainty with a fixed fee approach to legal fees. We use technology to keep our costs down and make it more affordable to our clients.
  • THE ONLINE APPROACH – we are available online to discuss your matter with you via Skype, Video conferencing or face to face if you prefer that.

Compare the Difference.

Divorce Right

  • You are in control
  • You make the decisions
  •  We put your family first
  • Emotional support
  • Saves you time
  • Agreements through mediation/negotiation
  • A co-parenting plan
  • Out of court settlement
  • Reduces paperwork
  • You are kept informed
  • Procedure less stressful
  • Client support throughout
  • Fixed fees
  • And more

Traditional Divorce

  • Decision out of your control
  • A  judge decides your fate
  • Lengthy delays – up to 3  1/2 years
  • Process is stressful & draining
  • Promotes conflict
  • Mountains of paperwork, countless affidavits
  • Uncertainty as to legal costs and fees

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