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  • You have decided to separate, and you don’t know what to do next. You are confused about the process.
  • Mediation is the best way to come to an agreement with your spouse. We can help you. You can discuss co-parenting issues, property division, maintenance and much more at mediation. You and your spouse can decide on what has to be discussed.
  • Family mediation is also known as Family Dispute Resolution and you can go to mediation as often as you need to till you are able to reach an agreement. You can take your time with the process. There is no rush.
  • Don’t waste time going to court. Reach an agreement at mediation and then have the paperwork finalised and filed in court. Mediation is also a cheaper option.

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What is Mediation?

  • Mediation is a process used for the resolution of family disputes.
  • An independent third party assists the parties to discuss matters through a structured process.
  • Mediation is a facilitative process. The Mediator has no advisory role  and the Mediator does not provide the parties with legal advice but can provide information to the parties about the legal process.

Benefits of Mediation:

  • The process encourages the parties to make their own, mutually acceptable decisions regarding children, property and their finances.
  • The parties may also have their solicitors attend the mediation.
  • The parties can discuss all issues in order to reach an agreement.
  • Agreements reached in the course of Mediation can be formalized by the Courts.

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The Mediation Process.

  • Gather your information. Try and make a list of your assets and other resources together with approximate valuations as well as a list of liabilities.
  • The Mediator will conduct an intake interview with each party to gather information and then set a date for the mediation at a neutral location.
  • The parties attend the Mediation (sometimes with their lawyers). An Agenda is set by the Mediator in consultation with the parties and the parties discuss options with a view to reaching an agreement.
  • Most importantly keep an open mind, remain positive and be ready to negotiate and compromise.

Reach an agreement at mediation.
You can then have your paperwork finalised
and filed in court. Save time & money.


Child custody arrangements

• We help you both negotiate the care arrangements for your children once you have separated and it won’t cost you heaps of money.
• Before making an application to court, parents are required by law to try and reach agreement on parenting matters through mediation.
• We will work with you so you can reach an agreement and document the arrangements in a Parenting Plan.
• We help you resolve the conflicts you have about parenting issues so you can come to an agreement.

Property and Financial matters

• We can work with you both to help you resolve your financial and property matters post separation so you can reach an agreement that works for you both and finalise the paperwork.
• Dividing property and finances can sometimes be challenging so we work with you to help you resolve the conflict and reach an agreement that suits your family moving forward.


Online Mediations

If you are unable to attend a Mediation at our office, we can conduct a mediation online via Skype or video conferencing.

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