A note from our founder – The Peaceful Divorce Lawyer
  • As a Lawyer, Mediator, Conflict Resolution Specialists a Parenting Coordinator I work with clients to empower them to reach a peaceful, amicable separation and stay out of the Family court as I believe this approach will ensure a positive outcome for the family. I also work with parents who want to reduce the conflict and improve their co-parenting relationship so the kids are happier, healthier, feel safe and secure.
  • I provide clients with information on divorce and separation to help them manage the divorce process, through the resources on this website, my blog as well as my social media channels. Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn @thepeacefuldivorcelawyer.
  • I am passionate about people and relationships and I want to change the way families experience divorce and separation. I love the work I do and the way I do it. I help families who are going through one of the most stressful times of their lives to transition through to their new life after divorce in a calmer, kinder and more respectful way.
  • Clients often find themselves in a situation where the conflict with their spouse has escalated to a destructive court battle. I have a passion to remove the bureaucracy and open the channels of communication, to start shifting the thinking and cultivate conversations of resolution. In order to do this, I teach clients the skills necessary to improve communication. I want to build humanity and empathy into the system because this is what separating families need. The existing system is for those who want to fight it out. There is no standardized system for those who want to work together to re-frame their families.
A little bit about me

I am a  Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP),  a Nationally Accredited Mediator, a Divorce and Parenting Coach as well as a Family lawyer.  I have also completed my Master of Laws in Family Law and Dispute Resolution.


  • I love my coffee and chocolate
  • Travel to me is a priority.
  • Am an avid reader.

Anne-Marie has been recognized as one of the Top Divorce Coaches by Coach Foundation.

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