This is a child-centered process where we use a mixture of education, mediation, and conflict coaching to teach parents the skills to better manage their co-parenting relationship thereby reducing the amount of conflict that a family is experiencing.

Most often divorce is a time when parents go through heightened emotions, anger, conflict, sadness, depression and anxiety. These negative emotions are often heightened by the adversarial/court process. Most parents find that it very difficult to manage the co-parenting relationship post-divorce and the conflict continues for many years. This can have severe psychological problems for the parents and can affect the way they parent the child.

When parents use the services of a Parenting Coordinator, these services can assist families to:

  • Reduce the level of stress and conflict.
  • Create co-parenting agreements that work for the family even in high-conflict situations
  • If there is an impasse, they are taught the skills to better manage their communication thereby ensuring that timely decisions are made.
  • Help parents avoid fights and protracted litigation.
  • Ensures that the children are not stressed and are able to move freely between two homes and feel safe and secure.
  • Ensures that the parents both continue to play an active role in the children’s lives.
  • Ensures that there is a more relaxed home atmosphere, so the children feel happy and secure.

The parents may have agreed on a plan when they finalized their divorce but it does not mean that there won’t be continuing arguments and disagreements regarding parenting arrangements. The conflict and disagreements don’t magically stop because a parenting agreement has been reached. Many parents have no idea what shared parenting is like and the slightest disagreement over the most trivial issue can cause ongoing conflict between the parties.

I work with parents on an on-going basis after the divorce is all finalized and help them establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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