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We know that this is a very confusing time for you. so we have prepared a step-by-step guide to get you started if you are contemplating divorce or separation. It’s packed with resources and includes templates, workbooks, videos and valuable information to give you some clarity around the process.

DIY Divorce Package

If you are faced with divorce or separation you may be feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start. You are not alone. We understand how you feel and how confused the process can be so we have prepared a short course to take you through the process and give you valuable information on the legal process, how to sort out your parenting and property matters, how to negotiate a an agreement with your spouse, Mediation and the Court process so you can navigate the process yourself. The information is delivered via videos, templates and workbooks.

Mediation Coaching

You and your spouse/partner have decided to attend Mediation so you can have the discussion about how to sort out parenting and property matters. But you have never done this before and you have no idea what happens at a Mediation. Preparation is the key to success at Mediation. This course will guide you through the process and give you information on how to negotiate with your spouse/partner. When you have completed this training you will feel more empowered when you attend the mediation.

DIY Divorce Application

We have prepared a step by step guide so you can do your own online divorce application using the Commonwealth Courts Portal. This process is for couples who are amicable and who are applying for divorce jointly.

Divorce Recovery Retreat

We are organising an exclusive retreat which is is designed to help you get over your divorce or break up and transition through to your new life post divorce. At this retreat you will get one on one contact with Anne-Marie and other qualified professionals where we will teach you the techniques and strategies so you can get back on track and start the next chapter of your life with hope and happiness.

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