• For you and your spouse to make a decision that will suit your family moving forward, I can meet with you both and provide you both with information and clear options so that some decisions can be made. I provide you both with information on the legal process and the resolution pathways available, that will enable you to work cooperatively together to reach a smoother, kinder and amicable separation. If you are looking for a solution that will set you on the right path towards resolving your family law matter, you should then attend an informative Strategy Session.
  • The 60-minute Strategy Session is very useful. With the information, you obtain you can create an actionable strategy so you can work with your partner in a calm and respectful manner regarding parenting arrangements and property matters. You can book in a Strategy Session in person or online.


  • In order to get a successful outcome at Mediation it is important that the parties are adequately prepared and understand the Mediation process. Unfortunately, a lot of Mediations fail because the parties come into mediation with little or no preparation and usually with one intake session prior to the Mediation. This is not sufficient.
  • If you’re preparing for a Mediation one or two sessions with a coach before a Mediation can help you stay calm, make reasonable proposals and make decisions that can last. Your coach can help you practise the four key skills necessary to help you accomplish these goals during the Mediation.
  • We work with clients and prepare and coach them for a Mediation. The Mediator provides a few simple skills for the parties to repeatedly apply in more actively asking questions, gathering information and making proposals, while the mediator more actively provides education and options for the parties to consider. Storytelling about past behaviour is stopped and discussions of emotional issues are firmly discouraged, based on the belief that these issues are irresolvable and simply reinforce their intransigence.
  • The Mediator works with the parties prior to the mediation and calmly demonstrates how to show empathy, respect and neutrality in the process and desist from angry outbursts, surprise events, tears and rigid positions. The intended result is that the parties have less need to defend themselves, they work harder at finding solutions, and they are more committed to their own decisions.
  • You can book in a Pre-Mediation coaching session here.


  • Section 60I certificates Under the Family Law Act 1975 it is a requirement that a separating couple wanting to apply to the Court for a parenting order need to first indicate that they have made a genuine effort to resolve the dispute by Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation.In order to show that they have made a genuine attempt  to resolve their issues couples are required to obtain a certificate 60I. Only registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners can issue a Section 60I certificate.

    I am able to issue you with a certificate if required.

    There are five types of section 60I certificates that can be issued:

    • Stating that you did not attend because the other party refused or failed to attend;
    • Stating that you did not attend because the practitioner (mediator) considered that your circumstances were not appropriate for Family Dispute Resolution;
    • Stating you did not attend and the parties did not make a genuine effort to resolve the issues; or
    • Stating you did attend and the other party (or you) did not make a genuine effort to resolve issues.
    • Stating you and the other party started the mediation process, but the practitioner considered that it would not be appropriate to continue

    The Court requires that a copy of the Section 60I certificate be filed with the Court Application.

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