“Through my interactions with clients who were going through a separation, I realised how broken the system is from both a family's and a lawyer’s perspective.”

A note from our founder

Anne-Marie Cade

I am a lawyer and family dispute resolution practitioner with many years of experience. I have also been trained as a collaborative law professional and this is my story. I am constantly hearing clients who are separating complain about the how frustrating the court process is. The adversarial approach does not work for families.

Clients often find themselves in a situation where the conflict with their spouse has escalated to a destructive court battle. I have a passion to remove the bureaucracy and open the channels of communication, to start shifting the thinking and cultivate conversations of resolution. In the process I want to build humanity and empathy into the practice of the law because this is what separating families need. The existing system is for those who want to fight it out. There is no standardized system for those who want to work together to re-frame their families.

Hence the reason  I launched Divorce Right and decided to enter the start up world. I teamed up with technology professionals, mediators, experienced family lawyers, financial planners, counselors and psychologists and formulated my plan for a better way to Divorce. The approach I adopt to make the divorce process more amicable, smoother and kinder saw me win Australia’s top legal innovation award in 2016.

Here for you.

Meet our Team.

The approach each team member adopts, is to make the divorce process more amicable, easier, smoother and kinder using web based technologies to automate paperwork and engage.

Annette Lakey

Annette is an accredited family law specialist and mediator, having practiced in family law for over 20 years in both Victoria and Queensland. She has a focus on mediation being an accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner with a passion for helping families settle out of court.

Bonnie Esposito

Bonnie is a collaborative lawyer who takes a holistic approach to the financial and parenting issues that arise out of separation, finding creative ways to ensure each family member’s needs are being met. With a background in litigation, she understands the benefits of staying out of court and is dedicated to keeping her clients empowered throughout the separation process.

Tim Leonard

Tim has been a Mortgage Choice Bayside franchisee since 2005. He has a strong background and understanding of property with more than 17 years in the building industry, coupled with the practical experience of being a local business owner who has lived and been educated within the area he operates.

Patrick Jong

Holding an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and over 5 years experience working as a Financial Adviser, Patrick is well-equipped to service clients’ financial planning needs.
His love of financial planning stems from the ability to help people enhance their livelihood and protect them from the uncertainties in life.

Susan Wallace

Susan is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has  a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Master of Psychology. Susan has experience working with families and children during and after separation. Susan has an engaging  approach in which children can be heard and understood.