Step One


with us online or in person. You can book in a 15 minute Clarity Call with Anne-Marie, which is by phone or Skype and you can get information and gain some clarity on certain matters you may be unsure about.

It is the first step in our relationship with you but in no way commits you to going any further. You can book in a Clarity Call now.

If you feel you need further information and you want to discuss your matter with us in depth and get more information on the options available to you if you are considering separating or have separated from your partner, then it is a good idea to book in a Strategy Session with Anne Marie which will run for around 60 minutes.

You can attend this session alone or with your partner. This session is informative and you will get a good overview of the resolution pathways available to you.


Step Two


with a mediator. If you and your partner are unable to reach an agreement and want to have the conversation and negotiate what you need to do to move forward, it is a good idea to schedule a meeting with a Mediator who will facilitate the conversation between you and your partner.

Mediation is a very empowering process that enables parties to work together to make their own decisions and they have control over the process. It is advisable to see a Mediator as soon as you and your partner are ready to have a discussion.

It may be a good idea to meet early with a Mediator and have a “Mini Mediation” to discuss short term arrangements regarding parenting and property matters.

Once these short terms arrangements are in place you and your partner can then schedule another Mediation session to discuss more long term arrangements.

Step Three


Once you and your former partner have come to an agreement regarding parenting and property matters, each of you can meet with a lawyer and get the necessary legal advice.

After obtaining instructions from you and providing you with the necessary legal advice, the lawyer will begin creating a legally binding agreement incorporating what has been agreed to between you and your former partner. Alternatively the two of you can draft your own documents.

Once he has completed a draft agreement, the lawyer will forward it to you for your approval and comments. The draft agreement will then be sent off to your former partner’s lawyer for their input on the agreement.

You and your former partner may at this stage also want to get additional advice from your accountant, financial planner or counselor and have any advice received incorporated into the agreement.

Step Four


Once you and your former partner are satisfied with all changes that have been made, the agreements will be signed by both parties.

After they are signed, the documents will have to be filed in court. The lawyers will attend to this and inform you both once the documents are filed and orders obtained from the court. Alternatively you and your partner can file the documents in court yourselves.

If you need to appear in court you will be informed by your lawyer but in most instances when the parties have reached an agreement, they do not have to go to court. The process of filing and obtaining final orders may take a few weeks to complete. This process has to be completed in order to finalise parenting and property arrangements between you and your former partner.

“I was very satisfied with the help and professionalism of the Divorce Right team. Their patience and support made what could have been a difficult process relatively stress free.”

Neil A

“I found the settlement strategy session you did with me very useful and informative and I felt respected and listened to. The follow up calls and your availability when I needed you was incredible and I felt very supported. Thank you for your ongoing support.”


“Thank you for seeing me for a strategy session. Really, I wish I had met you 3 years ago. You at least sympathise with a broken heart.”


“I do have your details in our system and indeed will have much pleasure in recommending you in areas you have outlined and will be more than happy to engage you on my own behalf. Much of my working life has been spent in the service industry and I am always astounded at some of the so-called service that is dished out as common place. It is rare to find enthusiasm and efficiency combined. Your business will prosper, I have no doubt.”

Michael D

“Anne Marie works towards a solution and helps us find a way to move forward, she provides feedback on what will be the best outcome in the long run, she provides a personal service with a great sense of humor.”

Lan W

“I am happy with the service that you have provided me and I will recommend your service.Thank you again.”

Annamaria P

“Anne-Marie and her assistants were friendly, helpful and efficient. Many thanks to them all. I have used Anne-Marie’s services before and will certainly use them again in the future!”

Jill H

“I found the Divorce Right team easy to work with and helpful. They also encouraged open communication with my partner in resolving and agreeing on matters in relation to my separation.”

Felix W

“The team at Divorce Right helped me sort my matters out in a way that was really healing to everybody in the family, so that I could move on to the next chapter. I felt comfortable with them as they were always willing to listen.”

Dave P

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